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This Navtex Archive is a free service to all mariners and other interested parties.

Many ships have internet today but not a good Navtex antenna and receiver. This site is an alternate way of still being able to access Navtex messages without adequate long range Navtex equipment. However, due to variations in radio propagations like fading , noise (QRM/QRN), some Navtex message will be incomplete and/or obscured. Such message can still be of value and partly read and understood by a human. For this reason these messages are NOT filtered out from the archive. Also duplicates of old Navtex message can and will be re-transmitted from time to time and therefore show up here as duplicates too. For the same reason as above, these duplicates are also kept and archived, in case one or more of these duplicates can be relatively unreadable, but others of them can still be perfectly readable. This is a way to enhance the safety on sea, so if a particular message is partly unreadable, it may be beneficial to look in the archive for another message with the same message Id, in which that message may provide you with the info you are seeking. This way of allowing partly destroyed messages and allowing duplicates to exist is done to make all in our power to help enhance safety on sea.

For the above mentioned reasons www.navtex.net and www.navtex.no cannot be held responsible for missing messages or for partly or in whole unreadable messages.

By using this service you have the whole and only responsibility to accept or discard the content of a Navtex message from this site.

Remember, safety first. Always use proper and approved navigational aids and instruments.
Internet, including this site is just a backup (and historical Navtex archive).

Logos and trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

So to the boring legal stuff:

All information on this website is for educational purposes only and is not intended to provide navigational advice. You and you alone accept the full responsibilities for your actions using the availabe Navtex messages and accept holding www.navtex.net and www.navtex.no harmless in any and all ways.

Eventual disputes can only be taken to court room in the state of grmmf on the planet Zorg

The use of this website constitutes acceptance of our user agreement.

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