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Changes in US NAVTEX Schedules

Published by Search Engine in StationNews · 14/8/2012 14:16:07
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Changes in US NAVTEX Schedules - 14 August 2012

Effective 0000 UTC 14 August 2012 most U.S. Coast Guard NAVTEX stations will readjust broadcast transmit schedules to
conform to International Maritime Organization guidelines. Broadcasts currently scheduled near this time may be interrupted
or corrupted as these changes are being implemented.
New broadcast schedules are as follows:
BOSTON (F) 0050/0450/0850/1250/1650/2050/UTC
PORTSMOUTH (N) 0210/0610/1010/1410/1810/2210/UTC
CHARLESTON (E) 0040/0440/0840/1240/1640/2040/UTC
MIAMI (A) 0000/0400/0800/1200/1600/2000/UTC
NEW ORLEANS (G) 0100/0500/0900/1300/1700/2100/UTC
SAN JUAN (R) 0250/0650/1050/1450/1850/2250/UTC
KODIAK (EAST) (J) 0130/0530/0930/1330/1730/2130/UTC
KODIAK (WEST) (X) 0350/0750/1150/1550/1950/2250/UTC
ASTORIA (W) 0340/0740/1140/1540/1940/2240/UTC
SAN FRANCISCO (C) 0020/0420/0820/1220/1620/2020/UTC
CAMBRIA (Q) 0240/0640/1040/1440/1840/2240/UTC
HONOLULU (O) 0220/0620/1020/1420/1820/2220/UTC
GUAM (V) 0330/0730/1130/1530/1930/2330/UTC

See page III-2.2 in the US Notices to Mariners for official notification.

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