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Site maintenance historics

Published by Geir Laastad in SiteNews · 20/11/2013 00:00:00
Tags: www.navtex.netwww.navtex.no
  • 2013.11.15: A small layout change implemented for Navtex messages. See the bottom of the home page for a description of the message format.

  • 2013.11.15: Successfully implemented antenna improvement step 2 (of 3). Weak signal sensitivy has improved even more. All messages has now an error indicator at the bottom. If zero, no errors. Higher numbers means more errors. Important change in the Navtex Archieve pages; A change is made regarding the times on each message. Now the dates and times which is a part of the filenames itself is in UTC. The upload times to the right is still in CET. Also, the dates and times inside each message is also now in UTC, starting 15 november 2013 at 00:00:00 UTC (01:00:00 CET).

  • 2013.10.20: Successfully implemented antenna improvement step 1 (of 3). Weak signal sensitivy has improved considerably.

  • 2013.08.17: System up. Everything is ok now.

  • 2013.07.25: Thunderstorm, no power, system down, typical when I'm on not home and on vaccation.

  • 2013.07.04: The Navtex updates went operational after the crash at 12:00 (midday) today. The system control PC is still not 100% okay yet, so the Navtex updates are moved to a 2'nd computer temporarily. So far, it has been impossible to update the affected drivers or doing a system restore point on the partly damaged control PC. Still working with the issue...

  • 2013.07.03: The control PC has crashed (big), possibly because of a thunderstorm. I am working trying to fix everything now. This also resulted that both the weatherstation's data updates and the AllSky weather camera went down (at www.metar.no). The Weather data updates are ok now, but the AllSky camera is still out of order for the time being.  Much to fix, hopefully back soon...

  • 2013.05.02: Added live Central European Time on the Navtex_Archive page so there should be no confusion about when navtex messages are uploaded. Also added local Sunrise and local Sunset times (the more hours with darkness in a 24 hour period, the better the Navtex reception (usually) are.)

  • 2013.04.17: Removed the visible vitors statistics on the front page because of premature change to an unwanted ugly layout. This was a commercial product not good enough - for now, removed.

  • 2013.04.17: Added visible visitor statistics on the front page (history since 2013.01.01).

  • 2013.02.28: Removed the Guestbook, too much RUSSIAN spam!

  • 2013.02.02: Discovered a loose receiver ground wire. This has made the noise floor higher and resulted in poor Navtex reception for about two days. It should be ok now.

  • 2013.01.27: Updated and optimized (for most of the Europe) the stations list on the frontpage. It should be 100% correct now, but there is no room for all stations in all NavAreas the world, so it is the best Euro compromise I could do on such limited space.

  • 2013.01.24: Some site scripts added.

  • 2013.01.04: Programmed and tested FTP scripts for automated message uploads, Ok.

  • 2013.01.01: Site registered.

  • 2012.12.29: The automated downloads and storage of Navtex messages from the receiver and decoder Ok..

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New Navtex station on 490 kHz on 2014 from Piombino, Italy

Published by WWNWS in StationNews · 14/11/2013 15:22:37
Tags: NavAreaIII
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