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Site owner: Geir Laastad
Licensed Radioamateur Call Sign: LA6LU
LRC/VHF Certificate
7 years of Maritime experience in the Navy and as deck crew on ships
Web Designer
Freelance Photographer
Freelance Journalist/Author

Email & Cell Phone


Please take contact if you want to advertise on www.navtex.net and www.navtex.no. We are especially looking for ad's which are Maritime in nature, like for shipping or leisure crafts, maritime safety equipment, navigational instruments, VHF/MF and HF radios, radar and, AIS equipment,  shortwave radios and antennas.

Freelance profiling jobs:
If you are a shipowner and want your company or a new (or older) ship to be profiled, I am able to travel, visit your company and/or the ship, doing interviews, staying on the ship for a while, even from point A to B while collecting material which can be used making an interesting article profile. I offer good English and German language capabilities and good graphic skills regarding picture enhancements and graphical effects. Please take contact if you want to discuss such possibilities and make a booking.

We are also grateful for any articles and news regarding Navtex and related maritime communication, for eaxample; pictures and descriptions of Navtex transmitter sites, new stations etc. Also news, press releases and articles about shipping and maritime safety will be greatly appreciated. However all submitted pictures and articles must not be copyrighted or permission must be granted for us to eventually put them into our pages. We reserve the right to accept or reject any picture, article or press release.

Global Navtex data collection:
We are especially interested to collect Navtex data globally via FTP. If your country or area want to be better represented on the net with current Navtex data for your area by www.navtex.net, please take contact. You must provide a FTP logon and the intervals for us to collect the data. This will be done automatically according to your schedule. We can do scheduled automated FTP downloads as to your specifications. Our goal is to make www.navtex.net the single most reliable source of all global Navtex activities on the net.

Safety at sea end wisdom:
The creation of this site does not mean we are trying to replace the use of traditional Navtex receivers on ships or leisure crafts. Internet has been, is and can only be a spare service. Safety at sea should always rely on proper and approved equipment made for that purpose. However, this site, www.navtex.net can function as a wonderful Navtex backup. In addition the Navtex archive will over time be quite huge and as such will be of some historical value. The organization of all this historical data will be based on Year/Month/Day/Hour/Minute so it will be easy to use the archive and go back to any date and time in the past should that need arise.

Remember, safety first. Always use proper and approved navigational aids and instruments.
Internet, including this site is just a backup (and historical Navtex archive).

Please consider making a small donation. Donations are off course voluntary, but are greatly appreciated.
Any donation small or more will help us maintaining this site and cover some of the costs running it.

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